Real Estate Visits During Corona

Real Estate 06/05/2021

What difficulties may arise in the present time of crisis? What should be done in the event of disagreement? What role does Corona play in the sightseeing? How big are the restrictions? These and other questions, I will address in this blog

As there are many real estate agents present on this real estate platform, besides private buyers and sellers, today I will discuss the problems and unpleasant circumstances that may occur during a visit.

Time and again today’s society is divided into two classes. Of course, some people without a side ask themselves how to finally act correctly. When does a mask have to be worn? Is the minimum distance of 2 meters in the garden enough to be able to talk without mouthguards?

Of course, there are certain rules laid down by the law, but it must be said that everyone must make the decision that goes beyond that. If you want to be on the safe side, you can voluntarily wear the mask anywhere. If someone is not afraid of the virus, everyone decides for himself whether he/she wants to break the rules and give up the mask.

The problem with the visits is that you never know how the respective counterparts feel about this Corona crisis. Due to the sensitive crisis and its policies, it may come to the sad consequence that necessary sales will collapse due to bad sympathy between the parties involved in the real estate transaction. As a result, it may happen that the desired property cannot be bought or does not want to be bought because there may be certain disputes between the buyer and the seller, for example.

So how should one proceed in such a delicate situation? It would be best to clarify the views of those involved in advance or at the latest during the visit. It would also be important to get involved with each other’s wavelength and to feel some empathy, even if the other person’s opinion does not coincide with yours at any point.

In conclusion, the period of crisis is more severe for some sectors and easier for some to overcome. The brokerage industry is now able to carry on its activities “normally” again. Finally, I would like to appeal once again for the cohesion of mankind. Of course, times are critical and that not only because of the differences of opinion, but also because of the great pressure and stress that many people face in the home office or on short-time work. Even if this is not the most beautiful time in history, we should watch out for each other and stick together, no matter who holds what opinion.

Furthermore, I wish you a lot of fun and joy in finding your perfect dream property or selling your luxury apartment, family home or business space on a professional platform. See you next blog! immotom – find your home

Melanie Mayr